Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great new years.. 2013 is going to be really exciting and I am really looking forward to working with everyone. If any of you guys can think of problems you had in 2012 that you need help with, send me an email and I will be happy to give you a call and try to give you some advice on what helped me. Anyways, as far as tomorrow goes.. Im hearing that the fiscal cliff deal is being done.. so it seems we should get a big gap up at the open. As I go through my scans tonight, everything seems to be really bullish for the most part. Alot of stocks look to be heading higher, which should make for a fun January. Now that we are getting past the volatility that came along with the fiscal cliff, trading should be alot easier and hopefully we can get back to swingtrading as well!

Here are a few stocks that I am watching for trades for tomorrow: (my telecharts was down tonight so sorry the charts look a lil goofy!)

SGYP- flagging above the moving averages. seems like it wants higher. watching for a break of the flag


BGMD- bounce watch



TASR- love this chart. flagging. looks ready to explode



UNXL- r/g watch. huge move on monday. continuation and run back to highs



CLSN- perfect flag. watching for a break of this flag



LPR- break over the 50dma should pop it. nice volume on monday






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