Morning guys! Today should be very interesting as the volatility in the markets has been nuts the past few trading days. When a market is headline driven (meaning every piece of news that comes out causes it to make a major move), trading can be very tough and if you aren’t experienced its best to sit on the sidelines. The thing that I do during times of volaitlity like this is scale back my size to help with the risk. At any point a piece of news regarding the fiscal cliff can come out and rip or tank the markets.  No one really knows whats going to happen so essentially you have no edge. Therefore its not wise to be full position trading at times like this. There are still plenty of trading opportunities out there, just remember to trade quickly, don’t hold things for long, and dont go all in on anything 🙂 Email me if you guys got any questions!


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Here are a few stocks that I am watching this week:

MITK- nice volume and move on friday.. looking for contiuation today


CLSN- flagging on support. Looking for another move. Volume pattern is great


TASR- flagging after big up move. looking for breakout


LUV- orderly pullback to 20dma. watching for a bounce


BOSC- thinly traded so have to be careful.. but due for a bounce. watching for bounce off 20dma. few more days of pullback


ACUR- bounce watch off this 20dma.. seems to be bottoming out shorterm


EBR- bottom bouncer.. looking for break of the 20dma. should start a run in it


RIGL- watching for gap fill.. looks like a bounce spot


AMRN- snabpack watch. oversold


YONG- r/g watch





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