1/3 hot stocks

First trading day of the year guys! It was a little uneventful as there was a huge move in the markets overnight. These market gaps are very tough if you are a daytrader and didn’t come in long a bunch of stuff. Most stocks gapped and were stuck all day.  The only thing you can really do on days like today is look for things that could possible fade their gap. Thats what we did and we found one little gem that actually moved and faded its gap..this was $rimm. We shorted it  from 12.15 down to 11.7’s for nice gains. Other than that, there wasnt much action.  Now that we have the fiscal cliff behind us, the market should be alot more tradeable. Looking forward to the rest of the week! Here are a few stocks that I like for tomorrow:

SQNM- breakout of this flag


YY- nice bog flag forming on this chart. love the look


SNTA- breakout watch


RIGL- gap fill, multiple taps


ACCL- breakout watch


TLYS- big red move today. watching for g/r in the morning


RUTH- breakout watch



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