11/29 hot stocks

Strong bounce in the market today. We got a gap down reversal right out of the gate. These types of days are always nice for daytraders as the trading is alot simpler. we had another killer day in the boom room with $1156 in gains today. If you are struggling with your trading, come try us out. We have tons of educational material for you to read and our chatroom is superb. Kunal calls out live trades with position size, entry and exit via video. You can trade exactly like him. Email me mb.willoughby@gmail.com if interested. Here is a look at our trades from today and a few stocks on my radar for tomorrow:

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WFT- gap fill

BKD- stock is flagging at breakout

PWE- stock is coming off a bottom. nice base formed

IDIX- r/g watch. alot of room to run

GPOR- 2 year chart.. but this could be a powerful breakout here. huge volume today

EXPR- weak into the close.. might gap fill down tomorrow. rubberband setup

DECK- looking to test that 40 level. Nice volume expansion

GDP- coming out of base

ZUMZ- bottom bouncing

MLNX- short watch if 200dma breaks

AVEO- short watch.. g/r move


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