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Morning weakness and a tap back to the 200dma on the s&p 500 got bought with fury today.  Once we hit that 200dma the programs turned on and off we went.  Nearly a 2% bounce from bottom to top with the market closing at highs.  the Nasdaq closed above the 200dma for the first time since the rally starting confirming the move in the other indices. In the absence of news it does feel like the market wants to run as there are stocks firing all over the place.  the trading action the last couple weeks has been quite good.


Watchlist by Willy 

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Day Trading with Less then 25k



Our new additon to the chatroom is pretty sweet.  On top of our regular chatroom we have always had you can now pop up a widget that will have me and big willy

on video giving the alerts live and talking through the setups and what we are seeing.  If you want to learn having alerts is great but getting explanation

while its happenign is really a great learning tool.



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