Are you ready to become a successful trader? Do you want the tools to create the extraordinary life you deserve? Now is the time to take action. Whether you are new to trading and need a bit of hand holding, or more experienced and want to further your skills, this education is where you begin.  After more than 10 years of day-trading experience and sifting through the many methods out there, Kunal has finally put together the perfect game plan on how to be a great trader. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn these secrets and methods directly from the mouth of a proven successful trader. Next class starts in December, limited seats available.
          courses are taught via webinar by kunal
          you can retake the course anytime up to one year you after taking the original course if you want
          to polish your skills
          includes a coursebook sent in the mail
          extras include: a month of 1 on 1 trade reviews once the course is complete
          check out what you learn in the course here:  bootcamp overview


Please let me know if you are interested or have any questions and I wish you all the best in your trading!

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See what a few previous bootcamp students had to say about the course below:


Kunal has a knack for simplifying a complex subject. I decided to sign up for his Bootcamp training session, as I felt I can learn a lot from his experience as a trader. The course materials were excellent. All relevant and up to date, much of the material is not covered in any books (I know I’ve got over 200 books on trading). He covers all aspects of trading including very important subjects like trader psychology, risk management, and high probability setups that work in all markets.

– Chris_Michael
Describe Bulls in one line? How about one word? Success. There are so many good things I want to say about Bulls on Wall Street, I don’t even know where to start. If you are an aspiring trader and need a push in the right direction, or somebody experienced looking to pick up some useful knowledge, I’d highly recommend the Bulls Boot Camp and the monthly service. The Boot Camp will teach you the basics, and how to build on those basics until you have a winning, consistent money making strategy. All aspects of trading such as trading psychology, risk to reward strategies, setups, technical analysis, filtering through and understanding news and PR, and much more are covered in this 16 day course. Before I took the Boot Camp and traded with Bulls in the daily chat room, I was unsure of what it would take for me to become a consistently profitable trader. After the Boot Camp, I am absolutely positive that I will not have to spend another cent on trading education. It is now only a simple matter of time and practice before I can achieve consistency, and that feels good!“

–max sylvester

No questions asked, the best of the best are here Bulls on Wall Street is hands down the best trading service on the net. The only regret I have in joining this service is that I didn’t do it sooner. I thought I knew a lot about stocks before I came to this site and was quickly humbled by the vast expanse of knowledge that awaited me. Kunal, Maribeth, Szaman, Chai and all the other bulls traders are simply the best of the best. I sit in this chatroom every single day and watch these people make thousands of dollars with complete transparency. All of their wins, all of their losses, everything. There is no hiding and showing you only the wins with this group of people. And, I mean let’s be real here: Kunal will give you his personal cell phone number and invite you to go to the bar and get drunk while shooting the shit about trading if he’s in your area. Do you know any other millionaire business owners who care that much about their customers? The guy just has stocks running through his veins, lol“

–chris zielinksi

I just wanted to let people know that I recently completed the BullsOnWallStreet Boot Camp and thought it was really fantastic. The course covers absolutely everything – from the basics – all the way to their most advanced trading strategies. I am an experienced investor with a financial background but really got a ton out of these sessions. I knew that there was a lot I had to improve upon in order to trade on a more regular basis and Kunal really helped pinpoint where I need to develop. The group was a nice blend of people just getting introduced to trading – as well as some more seasoned investors. The course textbook will be a great reference tool going forward.

– Megalocks

Last month I signed up for the first bootcamp training Kunal offered which was a 16 day course with another 4 weeks of follow up after the classes to review. This was the best move in my trading career. Kunal is a great teacher, he truly cares about your knowledge and wants you to be a great trader. Best of all his personally fits perfect into the mentoring role and really puts in the time one on one to make sure you understand his methods.

– JPsmith

I just took Kunals 16 day Bootcamp which was actually extended to 17 days at no extra charge. Classes often ran well over their scheduled alloted times and that was because Kunal wanted to make sure all questions were answered and all material was covered in depth enough so that everyone fully understood what they were learning.

– Vegastrader66



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