Well wishers are awesome…haters not so much.

Earlier I tweeted this: “wish well upon others & you will be rewarded with riches, wish ill & u will forever be a loser.”  
This is in response to some of the tweets I received today after realizing roughly $45,000 today – on a red day.  I was demonstrating that it’s possible to take some of your swings out for gains and buy stocks on a bloody red day, this is how successful investors typically work.  ..and “unfortunately” (for the haters) I sold 5000 NEP for a massive gain – but my broker works FIFO – so even though I bought 5000 yesterday to sell today, it picks the older shares first.   
I believe when you make green on a red day it’s awesome —- days like this separate the leaders from the herd. I also believe this selloff is short lived, and as such I continue to mitigate risk & pick individual stocks rather than predicting markets. Personally I think this is why I win overall.  
Well, today I realized that there are people on Twitter who love to see others fail, it validates their losses.  Personally I hate to see others lose, and I’d rather help people than hurt them.  …and I’d rather help those who are out to help others. 

That said, I am no longer going to post specific trade #’s on Twitter.  I will post some entries and exits.  I may post the odd monthly percentage gains – but no more details. I’ve been posting daily wins and losses, and I’m done doing that.  This doesn’t mean I won’t post my buys & sells, I will – but just far less detail.  
I think you all know we do well here, so why bother aggravating the haters – I don’t need ill wishers…and I believe in Karma. So trust me, if you love to see people lose, you will remain a loser. 
Instead I will share details with the members of our silver, gold, and black card community in the Boom Factory and over premium tweets and emails.  Not only will I share these ideas with you – but I will help make you a better investor — and we will give you an edge that few people have. 
Quite honestly, I didn’t start this thing to feed off other people’s hate and envy.  I would much rather help those who are genuinely looking for help — and I promise you, you will not find a more committed group anywhere.  
There is no sweeter redemption than a positive outcome.  BTW, I will continue to blog odd realized gains and losses — as I always do… 
Thanks, and see you in the Boom Factory.  



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