KUNal00 Buys & Sells 2010-Jan-22

Enoughs enough…..yes we got a nasty nasty dip last few days..  Does that mean u tuck ur sack between ur  legs and pretend to be a french soldier circa (well any war they ever fought!)   What do we do??  toss the women and chilren in the line of fire and run for the hills?

Or do we man up, put on our finest of gold chains, strap on a loincloth embroiderred with a large American Flag and go hunting for some BEARS.  Today I laugh at Bob the Bear and his merry band of ball lickers aka Congress and Le Prez Obama.   Im laughing at them prancing around in their yellow bananna hammocks thinking they got the “banks”.  Populism is bullshit and this ruse will never work….Le Prez is throwing this out there after the healthcare fiasco……he needs to win something and he needs to do it now and what better than sticking it to “Goldman Ball Sach”.

Listen besides short scalps and swings this is a long only market…  You started shorting large positions next thing you know large rats are burrowing up your sphincter and The Brown Bradd Pitt is launching c-4 explosives at your unsightly face.

See Im an anarchist at heart so I have no care in the world what the government does.  

Today BBP Buys:  Why?? Because if you have noticed Ive been blowing the balls off every trader on the planet this past week. Heat check!

With my large cash hoard: I buy

$apwr 12.74
$csun 4.11
$immu 4.37
$ncs 2.089

and you know what I might even buy some more regional banks for one last momo run.


Captain Jack



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