Welcome to the BULLS Trading Account

We’re just getting started.  The BULLS decided to open up a trading  account with $40,000 Canadian dollars.  Our first buy was yesterday (I pulled the trigger to get everyone ready) — CCME 3000 shares.  
Now @kunal00 rightfully schooled me on the trade by saying we should never go all in on any stock, and I completely agree.  It was calling me though, and I wanted to “shock” the team into making a decision.
So now that we’re “all in” on CCME we’ll wait it out, sell it soon and start trading the account with more “swingable” trades.  We’ll continue to update you with the status on this account, we’re just getting our collective feet wet, and hopefully @urban_ryno will be able to manage it for us as we go on with our daily activities.  

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