Nothing really changed from yesterdays watchlist.  I still expect mkt to fade at some point as the trend has changed. Yesterdays bounce didnt really change the character of the market. We still have a bit of a way before we hit resistance. SPY 110-112 area.
The good thing is the volume pattern is changing. If you look the past 2 months or so the volume pattern was nasty. Giving us a clue that the market would dump at some point as the big players were selling their shares to the retail buyers.
Past few days there is a positive  vol pattern forming.  The nature of any bounce will be key towards resistance.  And if we dont bounce..then everybody is screwed anyways
Here are few shorts to add to your list.
$gtls I will take this under 15.60.  if it hits 15.59 Im in here shorting with gusto!
$solf could fall to 6.50 it breaks below 7 with volume…Volume Pattern stinks…all sellers
And if we are running up!
Airlines catch a bid today again….they move in packs. 
$luv should be good to go.



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