weekly Watchlist 5/2/2010

When i get my week ready. I first look go through pretty much every stock in the market starting with sectors that interest me than i move on down.  I keep 2 lists by me at all times.  When i go through stocks I put on a main list stocks that I think will be ready at somepoint during the week.  I will set some alerts so that I know if they become interesting.  The next thing I will do is narrow that larger list down to a daily list of stocks that I think could be ready in the next trading day so i know where to focus.  Now the llist is dynamic as it is today. I get to the computer I see some new stocks in play through either news or volume alerts so I am constantly adding and manipulating the list.  But this gives me a good base to work from.
This works mostly with swing trades as with daytrades there are so many variables and alot of them pull up on the scans 5 minutes before we trade them.
added to this last I made last night is JTX, YRCW, DEAR, TRMA



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