Oh My Goodness CYCC news is awesome!

Oh my goodness! I’m sitting outside right now enjoying the mountains. I just cracked open a fine ass Barolo and I’m enjoying reading the news, when suddenly I came across this crazy press release that I somehow missed earlier today:
“Cyclacel Receives Complaint Filed by Celgene Seeking to Avoid Certain Cyclacel Patents”
I cannot believe how awesome this press release is for long term shareholders on CYCC! So I search Yahoo Finance and Twitter to see the reaction and I found that some people actually sold their shares on this news!
To make matters funny, some knob who is constantly bashing my picks from NEP, to LIWA, to CCME, (to everything I made money on) said CYCC is going to 10 cents on Monday!
HAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!
How do I type in enough HA’s to show you how hard I’m actually laughing?
Okay. Now that I got that off my chest, let’s go through this press release so I can explain.
“BERKELEY HEIGHTS, N.J., April 30, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq:CYCC – News) (Nasdaq:CYCCP – News), a biopharmaceutical company developing oral therapies that target the various phases of cell cycle control for the treatment of cancer and other serious disorders, today announced that it received a complaint filed by Celgene Corporation seeking a declaration from the court that four Cyclacel-owned patents, which claim the use of romidepsin injection in T-cell lymphomas, are not infringed by Celgene’s products and are invalid. Cyclacel and its counsel have not had an opportunity to thoroughly review these filings.
The four patents cited in the complaint do not involve Cyclacel’s clinical development candidates nor its commercial products.”
First, you should know my background already I think. I have filed many patents in my career, helped to develop major intellectual property which helped change an industry.
Having been through this before, when a big company asks a court to register a small incumbent company’s patents as invalid you know they are worried about a potential lawsuit.
This is not bad news for CYCC, on the contrary, this is good news! The company wants to ensure that CYCC patents are invalid so they don’t get sued down the road. CYCC is *not* infringing here, CELG is potentially infringing on CYCC.
The funny thing is Cyclacel have not had an opportunity to review these filings!
To put it in perspective…it would be like Apple creating an iPad, while some dude in Florida is sitting on patents for the iPad design and interface yet didn’t raise an issue. Apple would be “alerting” this guy of the patent. So funny.
That said, Cyclacel has many patents, another reason I love this deal. CYCC has patents for each and every form of CDK inhibitors, and for almost every form of disease type.  ..and apparently they have patents that Celgene is worried about.  It’s a ridiculous portfolio!
This news doesn’t even effect the existing pipeline or research for CYCC. It also shows that CYCC has some seriously killer intellectual property that the “big guys” are concerned about.
Anyone who sold their stock on this “news” should not be investing, sorry to say, but I bought your shares.
Read again.
CELGENE is worried that they MIGHT be infringing on CYCLACEL’S patents! HAHA HAHAHAH!!!
Hey CELGENE, go F yourselves, instead of complaining to the court pony up some cash. Either buy us out, or pay the royalty. You won’t get away with this.  ..and thanks for the publicity, once your shareholders figure out what we do I’m pretty sure we’ll get some new shareholders in the mix.
Okay I’m done, have a great weekend! SHARE THIS POST EVERYWHERE!
disclosure: my latest position is average under $2.40.  I will not pay more than $2.40, and don’t advocate people chase any stock at any time.  



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