Im still playing everything quickly. Very quickly. If we get a light bounce I will initiat some shorts.
On the small cap side. My favorite bounce Plays are $nlst (3.4s)  $spu (5.90-6.10) $rodm (4.4 or under)
 Id use some good stops on these mental or physical.  $nlst under recent low (3.15 or so) $spu (5.80) $rodm (this is longer swing so my stop is farther 3.9s)
Keep an eye on MGI they had some recent deals that be great for their revs. I have a 1/2 pos from 2.58. Will add some on pullback to 2.60
 Tread lightly keep lots of cash. quick trades…if you go for big swings..use proper risk management
Swings:  Good for partime traders
A buy as close to support as possible 5.7-6.00 stop at 5.5.
Great setup. Breakout Pullback.  You can trade the breakout about 15.20 if you want ( it will probably be a light breakout) Or buy pullback as close to 14.50 as possible with a stop at the bottom of the breakout bar 14.25-14.5
 Here is another breakout pullback. If you can see Im trying to be real tight with risk and buy stocks right on support so if you lose…its no big deal.  Not a bankroll burner.



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