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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.
It's been a little while since I put out a blog, and for that I apologize.  I've been a little busy, and I haven't done much trading lately. Though not all traders look at seasonal trends, I can tell you that what I'm seeing this month is a combination of seasonal selling and fear being put into the market.  ..but when you break it down, we're looking at a market that neither wants to roll over or make a bull run. I make money in down markets and up markets, but in a market like this I get very bored - very quickly.  I can scalp for dollars, but it's just not as fun as making larger gains.  
Since this pullback the market is sort of in limbo - for swing traders it can be challenging to find a trade.  ...and while most people expect to make trades on a daily basis, I would caution you that this shouldn't be your mission.  Don't force a trade when there isn't one.  
So until the market chooses a direction (which I imagine we'll know real soon, typically mid-late February we start to see an upward movement in certain sectors) my secret to making money is to open a smaller trading account for short term scalps only.  So for example, on Friday I bought a bunch of $TRIT for around the $13.40 range... Today I sold it between $14.30-$14.80. I have also traded $CHLN a few times, while adding a small amount to my long term positions.  Heck, I even acquired some $PUDA for a short term sale. 
There are also repair strategies that you might consider.  Take $IDI for example.  I know many of you are stuck in a long position, and although there is nothing wrong with the company (they're doing everything right from what I can see), your patience is probably wearing thin.  One might consider a repair strategy of selling their stock for the $5 range, and finding another $5 stock to replace it with. ...or find a $2.50 stock and buy twice as much.  The key is to find a stock that's MOVING so you can make a quick in and out trade and move on.  
There is nothing wrong with taking a loss and moving on.  Think of your stocks like inventory.  Sell some $5 product that's out of style, and replace it for another $5 product that's in style.  Remember, instead of whining that one of your stocks is down, look around you - every stock is basically down or undervalued in some way, so take advantage of the situation!  The ideal scenario would be to find a $1 stock that's moving to $5 and buy 5X that.   Of course we all wish we knew which stocks were moving like that -- but you get the point.
So the bottom line is you can make money in this market.  It's just a little harder --- and if you follow closely you too will find a rhythm that works for you.  Just don't force it --- because you will kill your bankroll if you do.
Hope that helps!  See you in the morning! 

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