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Watch List Update

OK. I’ve been trying to pound home the importance of Tuesday and Wednesday this week for traders – the volatility from Greece and Fed news has kicked asses all over the trading floor. Yes, there have been some great trades, but also a lot of lessons in the importance of stops and not over exposing oneself in a news driven market.

Let’s jump right into the Watch List Update:

Swings stopped out today: (note.. these are hypothetical trades based on entry and targets/stops – I didn’t necessarily make a trade in any of these)

CMG for 2.67% gain – Barely got taken out this afternoon.. but honoring stop.
COH for .76% loss – Reversed at horizontal resistance today.
MRX for 1.19% gain – Stopped out, but price is still above triangle. Still worth watching, but no longer on list

Stocks still in play:



– the big winner today.. congrats if you played.
I’ll try to toss some new setups on the list tonight.

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