As expected, the market moved today and it moved well. Most of the move was early on confidence that Greece would kick their mess down the street and our markets would not be damaged, at least for now. The Watch List lit up like a Christmas tree today and most triggered an entry. Of the stocks mentioned, I’m currently holding ROST on move through SMA50.

Now, I know most people are assuming we’ll be up tomorrow since Greece voted “in confidence” for the Prime Minister after market hours today.   However, part of me believes that explains today’s price action and tomorrow it will already be old news and we’ll be back focusing on U.S. economic data and the Fed.

FOMC meeting reports at 12:30 and Ben speaks at 2:15.  This will take center stage tomorrow and I don’t expect much market action until the afternoon.  The morning might be a good time to book some profits and day trade ahead of FOMC.

Update from the Watch List:

Currently Swinging:

DGX – running sideways. feels toppy.
AZO – Sitting under horizontal resistance. looking for a move soon or it may not happen.
CMG – BOOM Perfect breakout today. 296 target or take profits on a market reversal.
COH – Make it through horizontal resistance, but didn’t finish very strong.
ILMN – Moved through horizontal resistance, but didn’t hold. Need to set tight stop just in case it was an artificial breakout.
ROST – Great sma50 breakout. Stop at EMA23.
ALTR – Moved north of sma100. Nice stochasitcs turn
ALSK – I don’t like the hammer candle printed today. setting tight stop.
OKE – Finished solidly above horizontal support.
MRX – Nice triangle breakout.

More to watch for Wednesday later this evening



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