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Watch List Update

Today’s swing Watch List wasn’t riddled with big moves, but the market didn’t have much push in either direction either.  This list is designed to reduce downside risk while also offering an opportunity to outperform the market on any given day.

Latest Swings to Close (triggered stop lost):

KEG for 1.66% gain
LAVA for 1.5% loss (got stopped out before it legged back up)
ALXA for 2.16% loss
OCN for .86% gain
USG for .14% loss
NUE for .9% gain

In summary: These stocks stopped out for about break even.. that’s what happens when you go in with a large number of swings. Some stop out without the energy to keep it going, while others stay in play.

Stocks currently swinging: (finviz charts)

SPN – looks good so far – up over 5%
FXEN – up almost 8% and still going
FTK up over 4%
DE up over 2%
CAT up over 2% 

None of the stocks added today triggered entry. We’ll continue to watch them and remove those that are no longer attractive.


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