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Watch List Update

The Watch List is overwhelmed with active swings after Friday’s bull run. However, I went with many conservative large caps, so the moves have not been significant.. if the market doesn’t have a strong pullback, I’m hoping a few of these will have slow and steady up-trends. The market deosn’t know much about being calm lately, so we’ll have to see.

Here are the open swings headed into Tuesday (from last week):



Some new stocks to watch – again, these are on the conservative side.  I’ll look for more intraday runners in the chat room.


A few others I have alerts set for:

HOLX over 20.40
MAKO – would like to see a pullback to under 31 for possible swing.
KCI is setting up to test horizontal resistance
LAVA struggling here a bit, but worth a watch for intraday trade.
EQR watching at 62
STJ above 49 out of falling channel
SBUX might be a short for a day or two
JNJ 67.50 horizontal breakout watch

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