Another slow green day in the Market as individual names and sector continues to perform. Decent week in Bulls chat room with $5597 gains for the week. If you are interested in trading these low risk/ Huge gains  setups with us and learn trading, live in a chat room with a super team of traders, please  email for info.











CNIT Over 2.88 for a pop. May be red to green type of move.










CREG Over 1.94 for a pop on a good setup. Thin stock.










CRM 43 breakout watch.










FORM Momentum  name .  7 breakout alert triggered now continuation over 7.69.










INSM Watching over 12.29  for movement.










LITB Flagging here . No clean number but watching intraday over 17.60.










PERI Back over 50 MA 12.77 for movement.










SNTS Break out retest. Over 25.09 for continuation.










UNTD Break out watch over 8.13.










WG Oil name, Watching  over 7.20 for movement.




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