evening folks! another green day for the markets as we continue to press higher.  It was a shit carnival today as pretty much every turd that looked like it was waaay to extended rampaged to the upside. STocks like $alsk, $bcrx , rare earths, solars, chinese burritos all were going on giant gorilla runs.  Seems the real money is in the riskiest of names or any stock of low float and near a bottom.  Careful of shorting some of these names unless you have perfect setups lot of these stocks like $bcrx $alsk today that triggered for shorts dipped a handful of cents and then boom! brokeout! i got caught in it twice..shorting weakness has been the wrong strategy for me on these names as the dips get bought aggressively. Will need to try some diff angles for tomorrow as I really dont like loosing moneys.




on top of this list i also like $dang $acad $emkr


[screencast url=”http://screencast.com/t/BjMuhN6n2INX” width=”” height=””]


[screencast url=”http://screencast.com/t/vxfnzo0fXMXI” width=”” height=””]





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