Slight pullback in the Market as 20 and 50 MA on S&P-500 still acting as resistance. Bull case, we consolidate under those moving averages and eventually break out. Bear case ,S&P-500 building a Bear flag under both moving  averages and getting ready to break down. So we are still in no mans land until a direction. Another great month in Bulls chat room with almost $20.000 gains for June. You can check out the trades here. If you want to learn about proven strategies about momentum trading and   trade like us  and be profitable in any Market!  Bulls trading boot camp starting again in July 9th and is better than ever. Take your trading to a new level. Learn how to be profitable in any market  with consistence gains. Now featuring my signature explosive low risk/high return money making day trading strategies. Here is a link to  course content  . Email me if you want to sign up or need more info.










ALIM Flag break over 5.10.










DVAX Stock looks to be bottoming here.










FORM Break out watch.










HWAY Momentum name. Watching 17.65 area.










IMOS Breakout watch over 19.60.










QLYS Big breakout area here.










SCTY  39 an area for the stock.










STML Momentum name. 20 EMA bounce . Continuation watch over 24.










UNIS Back over 3.22 for a quick pop.










ZN Small energy play flagging here.



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