Market up 1% for the week after seeing some initial weakness.  We have bounced right back into a resistance zone. We need to clear that 50dma till then the market will trade a bit choppy. Had a great week here. Had one of my favorite bootcamp  students Chris Zielinksi here for the week to finish off some of his trading education. He is a real trooper I woke him up everyday at 4:45 a.m. to go workout even though he didnt want to!

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He is a super smart young man who I think is going to be a star some day. He writes a great blog  You can also follow him on twitter  He made nearly 5k this week it was his biggest trading week so far> its a pretty good gain as he trades with just 30k account which is how we teach our students. We keep a small account and constantly just keep churning it and taking gains.


Here is watchlist by @szaman for tomorrow

And a look at my trades for the month of June     Im on video all day! come check us out we have a free 2 week trial for new users.


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