Gap up and fade all day in the Market along with many stocks closing way off  from the high of the day.Not sure what might tomorrow bring,  S&P-500 might be in a range above 20 MA for few days causing some choppiness in the Market. So i would be selective about day  trading.IRBT,HTCH,RPRX CALX from previous watch  list gave some decent gains  if you were quick.  Make sure to check us out in the Bulls chat room, which has a live audio and video feed, a great community of traders and killer stock picks! Joining also gives you access to all our premium posts and watch lists, plus webinars, trade reviews and more! please email for info. .










AEGR  Over 61.20 might try 64.










CCIX Break out watch over 19.13.










IRBT from last night triggered today, continuation over 34.










MDCA Break out watch over 18.25.










MWA Break out watch over 7.75.










NOAH Continuation watch over 14.64 on a good setup.










NDZ Continuation watch over 8.










PKT Continuation watch over 14.30.










ROIAK Break out watch over 2.45.










XOMA Break out watch over 4.40.






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