Good Morning folks! Market finally had a pullback last week after some talk from the FED. It seems we stabilized at the 20dma.  Even with last weeks weakness our longterm uptrends still remain intact and we did relieve some of that extreme overbought condition.

I had a big week last week with over 8k in gains this market is giving us a lot of opportunities and so im keeping up my aggression levels.  Guys the way we trade is not to use huge amount sof money. I keep 40k in my ameritrade account and 10-20k in my prop account but most of my trades are in that 7k to 15k dollar amounts for the position. It can be duplicated.

We had a big family dinner this week it was the first time that our whole team and the families could get together minus @szaman who doenst like leaving ever leaving NYC. for 4 years ive  been hustling with this site and to see us all together this weekend was one of the happiest moments of my career.   Its been a rocky road we started our first few months with just a handful of subscribers and every time we started to make a run things fell apart. We had so many opportunities to throw in the towel  but we all stuck together and finally are making some inroads to the vision that we had seen years ago.


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