Yet another up day in the Market as relentless Bulls keep on pushing the Market higher. Here in our chat room Bulls crew milking this Market up as much possible with another $1027 gains after $2699 yesterday.  Three days into this week and we are up almost $5000 in gains. This are good times until the music stops.

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ALKS Flagging over 20 MA. Watching  over 30.11 for movement.










BCOV Flagging., Watching  7.60 for movement.










DGIT Continuation watch over 7.51.










FIRE Watching 55 area for a pop.










IMMR Watching over 13.60 for movement. 14.03 next break out area.










JKS Solar name holding  dual 20/50 MA 6 area support. Bounce watch.










SCTY Solar name. Found 2 day support on 20EMA. Bounce watch.










LOCK Over 50 MA, 10 area might get a pop.










NX Over 17.69 might get a pop.










POWR Break out watch.










PRO 28.93 breakout watch. Thin stock.










WOOF Watching  24.50 area for movement.







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