Have you made $6695 this week?

Because the Bulls team has! Unlike a lot of alert sites, we make money when the market is going up and when it is going down, so you are never stuck sitting on your hands, waiting for something to trade. Like today, when the market rolled over and we still saw big gains – $1734!

Being able to make money consistently is possible but it takes hard work and a solid trading system that you know works. If you belong to the Bulls chat room and see me, Kunal, Szaman and others trade you know the system works. You can watch every single day as we call out profitable trades in real time, like today when we called $OWW at 7.00 – right before it broke out! The stock ran straight to 8 after that.

So if you want to learn to trade like we do and increase your consistency and most importantly, your gains, shoot me an email. Our next Bootcamp, where Kunal teaches his entire trading system over the course of three months, starts in just five days! I can answer any questions you have, but class starts soon so if you don’t want to wait several months for the next one let me know now so we can get you signed up mb.willoughby@gmail.com

CALI- breakout watch

SCTY- flagging here

ENPH- breakout thru 8

CSIQ- solar name flagging

FSS- breakout watch

SNSS- breakdown watch

MTOR- flagging

ENPH- breakout through 8




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