Want to Know What Sector The U. S. Drone Strike Impacted the Most?

On Thursday a U.S drone strike killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. While there are obvious political and moral implications, our primary interest is non-judgmental. It’ all about how the news impacts the stock market and our own trading.

We can feel the fear is in the air. Doomsayers think this is the start of World War 3. Others are not as apocalyptic, but are worried about how Iran could retaliate. While the go-to move is the pop in oil, there’s another sector that is in play, but somehow flying under the radar: the defense sector.

Just take a a look at leading defense stock Lockheed Martin. The stock popped 3.6% on Friday, it’s second biggest day since 2018. This is a powerful high volume breakout to new highs that could be the catalyst for a new trend.

In this short video, review the defense sector and more potential stocks to trade.



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