Update on NEP Trading Account Position

So about a week ago I posted an article called Do Not Open Until Christmas.  In there I posted a picture of my NEP position in my daily trading account, which is about 1/3rd my long term account position.  

The image is shown here:

As you can see I was down roughly $20,000, but I wasn’t worried. In fact, I added a few thousand shares since then in the same account, and this is the updated view.

Notice now, I’m back up to near break even — and I believe I have significant upside from here. I just read the news from LPIH, another China Oil play (and yet another @bullsonwallst pick from .90ish) and they look great. I think NEPs numbers have potential to really surprise based on my own personal due diligence.

I’m showing these images to convince people that you’ll *never* win trading on fear.  

If I was freaked out I would dumped all my shares a week ago for a 20k loss.  I trade with my balls, not my emotions.  
Disclaimer: Just like PUDA, I am laying out my disclaimer.  I own a shit ton of NEP, more than you can imagine.  I am so deep in this stock that it makes me sick to think about the potential loss and/or gains down the road.  If I were to bid dump this stock it’d end up on the floor, and you’d all have margin calls up the ass.  That said, do your own due diligence, don’t trust me – trust yourself.  Good luck!



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