Update on NEP Trading Account Position #3!

Okay so a week or so ago I posted a blog on my NEP & SYNM positions, and why I wasn’t worried about being down a mere 20 grand. I did that to prove to the well wishers out there that even in the reddest of days there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

I don’t buy stocks because they look pretty, I buy companies that I believe are totally undervalued for good reason, and I hold them until others catch on.  Then I move on to the next one.  Right now I’m playing a number of stocks – as many of you know. So many undervalued and potentially awesome companies out there.  I basically buy juniors about to be giants. 
On NEP I am holding 2X my trading account position in my long term accounts.  

Obviously today was a great day, I’m now up over $130,000 in one day on NEP.  It’s all funny money of course, until I sell… so for now I can sit on a big paper win … I have confidence in the company, so much so that I have not sold a single share.  My personal buy limit was $5.72, but my overall average is just under $4.60.

Remember, patience pays off on fundamentally cheap companies.  I believe the best vindication are good numbers. 

To all the well wishers out there, I promise you Bulls On WallStreet will only get better with your help.  Keep coming back, and tell your friends. I’ll continue to update you on these positions as time goes on. I hope that by sharing with you my actual positions on some of these plays you’ll understand the value of patience as it relates to trading fundamentally cheap companies.

..and to all the haters out there (the few that are left)…. I think I won this round.

Last thing, there is nothing wrong with taking profits and day trading, don’t think otherwise.  However there are better suited stocks for such plays, and then there are those better suited for “buy and hold”.  You’ll learn the difference over time. 

Disclaimer: Just like PUDA, I am laying out my disclaimer.  I own a shit ton of NEP, more than you can imagine.  I am so deep in this stock that it makes me sick to think about the potential loss and/or gains down the road.  If I were to bid dump this stock it’d end up on the floor, although after today it probably wouldn’t because the volume was so awesome.  Soooo awesome. That said, do your own due diligence, don’t trust me – trust yourself.  Good luck!




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