Twitter: The Ultimate Polygraph



I am not one to pull punches as many of you have seen on Twitter. I usually call it like I see it & I always put my money where my mouth is. 

Since I started researching and sharing stocks using Twitter, my overall portfolio is up significantly this year.  One might argue that the bull market has something to do with it, but I would say that based on the number of bull markets I’ve been through there is no doubt that Twitter has significantly improved my game.

What I like about Twitter is you can follow the people that you believe add value. Twitter is also the ultimate lie detector: it doesn’t take long to catch the bullshitters as they fabricate big gains (and no losses) usually late. It also helps that such bullshit is being broadcast so others can read it real time.  

Not that I want to give these guys any more publicity than they deserve, but I’m debating whether we should start the ultimate bullshitter list.  Maybe we’ll flag them on Bulls On Wall Street with a pile of shit next to their avatar.  

Today I called out one such bullshitter. This guy is so full of shit that I wonder if he drinks a bottle of Listerine a day so he can mask the smell. He claims to have shorted a stock at the ultimate high (PUDC on the OTC), covering it after a reverse split (PUDZ), then after realizing that he was caught in a lie he said hackers used 15 different IP addresses and hacked into his accounts just to make the claims on that one stock.  Yeah right.  He did this at least twice in the last week. He then pretended to BE the hacker to keep it real.  He ain’t keeping anything “real”, I can guarantee you that. 

Why would I call this guy out?  Why should I care? Well for starters @jweaving inspired me to call this guy out without directly asking me to. I probably shouldn’t care, but because there are so many new traders on Twitter (and so much freedom) I feel like we as a community need to pull together to help weed out those who are dishonest.  Remember you are playing with other people’s money when they follow you – and you should take a moral responsibility to ensure that you are putting your money where your mouth is.

Quite honestly I found this guy very entertaining. His bullshit made me laugh, then @jweaving had to ruin all the entertainment for me by doing the right thing. 

What goes around comes around, don’t forget it, and good luck!




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