economist-stock-market-bull.jpgThis weekend, I’ve added a good number of stocks to my Watch List that are technically setup for possible short term pops to the upside.

If you don’t know my trading style, the basic idea is that I like to participate in moves as they happen (momo plays) and focus on technicals to find stocks poised for that move. I look at indicators such as RSI, MACD, Full Stochastics, bollinger bands, volume, and MA20/50/ 200). That’s about it.. there are lots of other tools and technical chart overlays, but I find these to work the best for me. I fist look at the daily charts, then recent intradays, followed by weekly.

Ok, with that background, here are the stocks I’m watching Monday. Keep an eye on my tweets – I’ll publish my moves throughout the week.

LVLT – Improving RSI, Full Sto and now testing key horizontal resistance levels. I’m ready for a pop.

PWERMight take a long swing position on move above top trendline resistance with volume.

IMMU – I have a target of 5.30 with Full Sto and MACD improving. POP?

DPTR – Let’s break through trendline resistance, shall we? MACD is crossing zero with a Full Sto bullish crossover. If we get some volume and opening bollinger bands, I might go long here. Nice move through RSI(14) 50 on Friday, as well.

HMA – Ascending triangle hitting against 6.90. I might consider a long position over with volume. Chart is struggling, however, so no need to enter before the move.

CYTR – I mentioned CTYR on a tweet last week. The .90 consolidation on improving MACD and Full Sto has me interested. Worth watching.

PEIX – I don’t like the company, but it is a possible scalp above .40 (scalp only). I can’t imagine holding this one over night.

EPEX – Big volume Friday and now testing MA50 and horizontal resistance with tight bollinger bands.

ACXM is just toying with my emotions. I’m VERY ready to go long on any move through 10.25. Tight bollinger bands.

CVG – Tight bollinger bands looking ready to break this one out long over 11.

GTE – Moving up through recent highs on good volume Friday and opening bollinger bands. Worth watching to see if $4.00 support holds and builds.

XRM – bouncing off horizontal support. High risk scalp on chase to top trendline resistance.

TSTR – Risky trendline support bounce opportunity with stop just under.

PZG – Great looking support on this descending triangle. Indecision leading to possible breakout?

Others I’m watching from a distance:

sva, exxi, ahr, alti, aiq, pwav, cpwr, oxgn, lava, mtsn, htm, stem, pkd, tivo.



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