Trading Watch List 10.11.2019

Indices managing to hold up rather well during US/China trade negotiations and random headlines. Most individual stocks , on the other hand being tossed around randomly and trading them remain very choppy. SPY range is getting tighter, we should have a directional move soon based on outcomes from trade negotiations .


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AIMT Watching over 24.30 for a trade.
ASUR Watching back over 8.73 for a trade.
LABU Biotech ETF, watching over 30.63 for a pop.
NVST IPO breakout watch over 29.21. Ideally a day rest would be better.
OSTK Setting up another bear flag. On radar for a short.
REAL One of the strongest recent IPO name. Watching over 22.73 on red to green type move.
SEDG Expecting this to breakout soon.

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