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December 16th 9:00AM - Pre-Market Huddle

Join us 30-minutes before the bell to go over our focus list for the day. We take a top-down approach by starting off with the macro market conditions, then transitioning into the individual names we are watching for the day in sympathy of what the market is telling us.

December 16th 9:30AM - Market Open

Once the bell hits, its all hands on deck. Watch us navigate and read the markets, giving out live calls on our market analysis and trades. See our live screen share of our exact trading screen and layout for you to visually get a feel of how we trade the markets in real-time.

December 16th 11:00AM - Mid-Day Market Recap With Paul Singh

During lunch hours the market can become lul and range bound meaning less opportunistic trades and more range-bound trading. At this point, we will take a break from our active trading and reflect back on our day and market conditions since the open. Paul Singh, our part-time trading coach will take-over and dive into his active swing positions, market, and sector analysis, and how he goes about creating his watch-lists.


Your Teacher

Kunal Desai

Today, Kunal trades everyday, teaches, and travels around the world to meet both students and speak at world class events. He’s spoken at the Trader and Investor Summit, Traders4ACause gala event, been featured in numerous podcasts, and covered in Forbes, BroBible, and, and CNBC to name a few. He has spoke alongside market luminaries such as Peter Brandt, Jack Schwager, and James Dalton.

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Bulls on Wall Street What Are We About?

Commitment To Growth

Whether trading is your passion or you want to earn extra income, you must make the decision in your mind that you will become a successful trader. At Bulls on Wall Street, we surround yourself with everything you need to learn. All you need is the commitment and motivation to grow as a trader. From trading software, to live mentorship, to screenshare of our trading screens everyday of the market, you become fully immersed in our community of growth as a trader.

A Back-Tested Strategy

All elite traders have a proven successful trading strategy that encompasses technical analysis, risk management, psychology, scanning, and more. At Bulls on Wall Street, we have archives of hundreds of setups and trades that we have taken, using the education we have taught and applied. Learn not only from static charts, but real trades, market recaps, and trade reviews. Stay up to pace with the market action, breadth, and more.

Access To Experienced Stock Traders

Trading is a lonely game. Having a community of experienced traders that know your strengths and struggles can exponentially shorten your learning curve. Whether you are a day or swing trader, long or short, breakout, scalper, or pullback trader, you will meet like minded traders who trade similar strategies to ones that you use. Exchange ideas, provide feedback, hold each other accountable, and develop a social network of traders, just like you.

How Are We Different Than The Others?

All Trading Services At One Place

Trading can get expensive, and quickly. Thats why we designed our service to encompass everything you need as a trader to start learning, trading or simulating, and improving from day 1. With our partnered trading companies, we have the fortunately ability of getting our customers trading simulator and charting for free, along with massive discounts on real-time streaming data. PLUS, all users get access to our plug and play scanners and layouts, meaning no complicated coding or configuring of your charting layouts.

On Demand Education & Live Mentorship

Two birds with one stone. Learn as you go, while getting the live and real-time feedback on trading questions you have for our trading mentors. Immerse yourself in trading education from macro analysis, to risk management, to trading psychology, to trade journaling. Loop back into our live mentorship sessions to share your improvements, and go over your past trades or stocks on watch.

Constantly Adapting To Market Conditions

Trading is an evolving game. Strategies and systems that work in some markets, won't in others. As traders, we prioritize staying at the front of the curve and market trends. Doing so ensures that we consistently manifest an edge in our trading. Becoming stagnant as a trader is a sure fire way to become a short-lasting trader.