Trade Review LIVE "Red to green move"

Hey guys.. heres a review of my LIVE trade on going red to green. Its pretty much impossible to post a trade like this in the room as it happens way to fast so you need to learn this pattern!

When you see a chart that looks like this.. a huge pump  stock that closed well the night before.. you automatically start thinking red to green move for the next day.  Its impossible to hold shares of this stock overnight becuase the stock ran from 1-6 in one day! You could possibly wake up to a huge loss the next morning! So instead of doing that, you put the stock on your watchlist and have it ready for trading the next day.  The buy on this stock occurred the minute the stock went green.

As you can see the stock closed at 5.6 yesterday, so thats the mark you are eyeing.  As soon as the stock went green it popped straight to 6.4’s in one candle.  Remember red to green moves are very fast.. so you immediately begin to scale out as the stock pops.

Heres the intraday and daily look after the stock popped red to green. It was almost a $1 dollar move!



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