Trade Review ONTY "How to Trade Failed Breakouts"

This is a video of our trade in ONTY yesterday.  This trade was an F from all angles.  A trade has many parts to it. Entry, exit, target, stop loss, reward to risk ratios etc.  All these things need to align before you have a grade A setup.  I made the first mistake on chasing the entry at 8.50 then my stop was wrong and my sell price was wrong as the breakout failed.  Stops are tricky when your trading breakouts. The best ones are  stocks coming out of bases intraday aS that gives you a low risk entry and an easy spot to put your stop.  When you chase a spike intraday its all or nothing trade as you have no buffer.


I entered this stock at 8.50 exited it at 8.06.  Probably should have sold this at 8.4s


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6 thoughts on “Trade Review ONTY "How to Trade Failed Breakouts"”

  1. A true leader can admit when he made a mistake and learn from it. You freaking rock dude! Learned some good stuff from this video. Thanks.

  2. thanks bro. it was a stupid trade..ill get better and make sure i dont do the samething again. lets make some new mistakes instead of repeating old ones! yes! i would run but im not of age yet and i need a few mill in the bank.

  3. Thanks for this video Kunal. You just captured and explained a mistake that I make all the time but couldn’t figure out why. Thanks for posting this


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