Hello everyone, @szaman here. I will go through few trades that I took in chat room today and what worked and did not.Hope this helps.

ELX  Alert was at 11.
Stock based below 11 all day. If you wanted in it had to be below 11 as keep on
bouncing 20 ema.Worked  well  till R2 11.19 for scalp. Then the stock fall
apart as it breaks the 20 EMA. Stop would have been 10.94
FN  was on  blog
watch list over 18.60, Good set up at open as it had tiny gap was riding 9
EMA.Decent entry at 18.60 with low of day stop. Stock rips to 19 in a hurry and
extended at 19 and R3. Sold all position at 19 and it falls apart after.


GRH was on  blog watch list over 3. Stock Hits 3 right at
open and you had to have leap of faith to hit at 3/3.03. Great move to 3.65 trailing
9 EMA / 5min as stop.




Stop Guessing.
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