How to Turn SUGAR into CASH ($IPSU)

Imperial Sugar company ($IPSU) has been a hot stock for us in the boom room the past two weeks. We have absolutely nailed the entries on this stock 3 times for huge gains.  Take a look at the trades broken down and how we played this stock for huge profits all three times. All 3 were signature setups that we play over and over again

The first trade we caught it moving red to green for a 16% gain. Buying in the low 6’s and selling off our last 1/2 in the 7.1’s


The second trade we shorted the parabolic stock from 6.7’s to 5.6’s and caught the breakdown for nearly a 20% gain.

The third trade was today and we caught the stock for 6% on the reversal.

If you want to learn how to catch and play these setups and start making some cash then come join us in the boom room! We have tons of blogs explaining in detail these setups for our premium members. Email me if you got any questions

Also check out this blog if you need some inspiration 🙂

Here’s tomorrow’s watchlist, alot of hot setups on tap for tomorrow:



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