There is no such thing as an Oracle

People always ask me what are the best investment books – specifically what I read to get the returns I get.  There are certainly great books out there, but not one book will teach you how to be a great investor or trader.

Only time and very expensive private lessons (read losing money) will teach you how to do it right. 
There is a difference between a “trader” and an “investor”.  There is a slightly different strategy for trading, most traders don’t care about the fundamentals of a company – therefore they treat everything as speculative. However, those traders are only part of the puzzle in my books.  The most successful people are the ones who balance the technicals with the fundamentals — and it’s really hard to know everything.  
In the immortal words of @urban_ryno, you can date technicals, you can marry fundamentals. That’s a pretty awesome statement, and very applicable to our day to day trading.  In our case I like to balance both – so what better way to do it than to find the best of the best and sift through the b.s.?
The best investors have the following traits;
  • they have ice running through their veins
  • they understand investment grade stocks vs speculative ones
  • they enjoy red days sometimes as much as green days
  • they never dump an investment grade stock unless the story has changed
  • they have both “red” and “green” positions in their portfolio
  • they don’t jump from stock to stock like a lotto
  • they know how to balance their own personal fear & greed while managing their money
  • when people are running away they are usually looking for blood
  • when they smell blood they pounce, and go in for the kill
  • they never follow the herd, they usually lead
  • they’re usually loading while you’re dumping
  • they pay it forward when they’re making money (please don’t forget this – give back when you can)
The best leaders surround themselves with incredibly smart people, or stars, and let them shine in their respective areas. 

There are no Oracles or Gods. 
Why is BULLS so awesome?  Why should you join?  ..because quite honestly, there are thousands of websites out there you can use – you could hire a broker – you could visit Twitter and decide who you want to follow on your own….. or, you could join BULLS where there is a team of experienced traders and investors who work together to cut out all the noise and B.S. you see on the internet.  We trade everything, from speculative stuff, to the best investments out there. We don’t offer “investment advice” — we simply make trades, full exposure, and give you a number of great learning / following tools.
When the markets go down, we support one another, reassure on the long investments.  Take CCME, for example, need I repeat what happened there?  …because you know I’ll just make most of you sick with the returns we made on it – especially on the mega dip day.  
There is no better alternative than BULLS, I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and I’ve never seen such an awesome way to collaborate and share investment research.   ..and even though some of you are great on your own, believe me you’ll be exponentially stronger if you put your ego aside and collaborate with other experienced people in real time.

This site may have been created by accident, or as @meatstack said “Hubris created a competitor” — whatever it is..   We love helping people — and if you haven’t had an opportunity to experience our premium blogs and Boom Factory you’ll simply never know.  
So next time you ask me what book you should buy to be a great trader – Nevermind, you’ll never find it.  BULLS is a great short cut across Wall Street though, it’s hard to argue that.
I invite all our members, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black to leave a testimonial here about what we mean to you – and whether we’re worth it or not.




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