1/19/2010 Watchlist kunal

Just going to list a few…I had a video series for 30-40 stocks but im having technical issues, or the chinese government censored me!  Ill just throw on a few of the more promising ones.
Here is a great swing. $nano. strong uptrend pulled back to support. Your risk is pretty limited. Great for partime or swingers.
 Here is another great swing.  Pullback to support.  The volume pattern is very positive. Look at all the green bars.  Airlines are hot so if they fly Orbitz is a natural extension of that. When looking for laggards its not always the stock in the exact same sector that can run but something thats an extension of it.
 OESX Breakout/pullback
 WNR also looking good for a swing. Brokeout…Now pulled back to a support zone multiple levels.
stocks that can breakout again
$bee flagging



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