The New and Improved Bulls on Wall Street

It has been an incredible 11 years of mentoring and working with students from all over the world. We have gotten a lot of feedback about our services, and we have taken ALL of the suggestions to heart. 

We are proud to announce the new launch of our brand new site, and some HUGE improvements to our chatroom and educational services we provide. Here’s what’s new:

  1. New Discord Day Trading  Chatroom (Chart features, channel specifics for eliminating noise, mobile capabilities, push notifications on market updates.)
  2. New Swing Trading Chatroom With Paul Singh 
  3. Free BOWS Trading Kit (Free Intro Trading Course, Trading Handbook, Trading Consultation)
  4. Live Market Recaps and Q&A Sessions 3x a Week for Chatroom Members
  5. On-Demand Day Trading and Swing Trading Bootcamp Access (Updated with New Content Every Month)
  6. Personalized Coaching Consultations
  7. Discounted Charting Software + Chart Layouts
  8. Access to Live Trading Events 

New and Improved

If you’re not evolving and adapting, you’re slowly becoming irrelevant. We want to continue to offer the best trading educational services in the trading space. And to do this, we realized we had to revamp our current educational model.

We learned from working with 1000’s of students, that on-going mentorship and support is what helped turn losing trades into winning traders. The new BOWS chatroom we are launching today is meant to provide the continuous support and mentorship to take you from a new or struggling trader into a profitable one. 

With topic-specific channels and various posting privileges, we have found a way to eliminate much of the noise that most chatrooms face to increase the efficiency and benefit of using the Bulls Vision room.

We also are happy to have some additional features tailored to the user experience such as:

  • Mobile app capabilities
  • Chart visual embedding
  • Live-stream Bulls Vision embedding

On-Going Support

Most trading services out there offer prerecorded DVDs and a crowded chatroom with just alerts and moderators who don’t give you any face-to-face time. We’ve talked about this in the past but I want to reiterate: You cannot learn to trade from DVD’s alone, and you won’t make money from following someone’s alerts. 

The new chatroom format is meant to take what our 60-day boot camp offered to the next level. Our new on-demand BC and trading kit will give you all the foundational knowledge about trading you need to succeed. The live market recaps will give you on-going support and the opportunity to ask and get answers to all the questions you have about the course material and trading in general.

These live sessions with me will also give you insight on how I make all of my trading decisions, and give you constant, up-to-date market analysis.  You will also get access to other great traders like Paul, Szaman, Josh, and more of our successful students in our new chat room. The chatroom will have a new, strict code of conduct to ensure it remains productive for everyone.

New Trading Kit

Our brand new BOWS trading kit will give you everything you need to learn the basics of trading and the right tools you need to trade successfully. We will talk in more detail about our trading kit in tomorrow’s blog and our new and improved trading chatrooms later in the week!


For the next two weeks, we are offering a 50% LIFETIME discount off all chatroom subscriptions. Instead of paying $199 per month for either of our chatrooms, you will only pay $99 for as long as you are a BOWS member! The same applies to annual subscriptions!

Get 50% off our day trading chatroom by clicking here.   

Get 50% off our swung trading chatroom by clicking here.   



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