The Day That Went BoooM: Market Recap

   Oil flat. Gas flat. Dollar up a tad. Normally that would tell me that we are due for a dip on the day. Mother market and its merry band of reinflation groupies have kicked up the market for the 16th time this month. Why the market goes everyday jeee if I know. The volume is anemic but the volume tell has been not a good tell in this market the last 6 months. The dang Russell 2k is up 19% from its feb low. Ive got 6 brains and eyes on the back of my eyes (if that makes sense) and even I cant figure it out. But in the end who cares! We are drunk and loving it!! My guess would be that there is no other place to go for returns. What are you going to do go into FidBank ($dear) and give them 5k and stick in a CD yielding nothing? Are you going to trust the Gigantic circle jerk we call “the European union”? that seems wise!! You can watch the Greeks beg the germans for reperations for subjecting the world to sauer kraut and that whole world war 2 thing and in retaliation Germany sends their top secret agent Hanz Franz Kraut to commit espionage but he ends getting drunk on Humus and Uzo and gets caught peeing on the Parthenon.



In the end this is still a long only market. The best way to hedge ur bets or use proper risk management is to increase/decrease the size of your positions when you see a potential dip or a run coming.


Regardless of my very very wary stance on this rally and its merits. We are enjoying the fruits of the run as we trade what we see not what we feel. The last 2 days have been so hot I bet 99% of money managers or mutual fund guys couldn’t do it in a year.


We make picks everyday. Its not easy putting it out there for the public. Now you have a record that people can track. Sometimes they bomb like EGMI. But hey we own up to it and know that its  a 1 out of 1000 instance.


CCME 14.68— We were adding in the 8s. And even yesterday adding it at 12.20!!! nice nice. Multiday runner.


PALM daytrade 3.77 to 4 bucks in 1 hour


CPWM loading huge at 1.80 close at 2.45 for a 30% 1 day swing


JOEZ 2.54 to 2.80 +++ 10% (heck I gave it to you 1st at 1.55!)


SNSS .75-.85 ++++++++++10% gain on a daytrade


AEN caught the breakout ppppppppppperfect at 1.25 sold some 1.31-1.32 and last part flat at 1.25


Do I get some dogs yep…PESI a stinker right now. KFS stinker But the advantage of being on BOWs is you get 4 traders and all our picks. You’re not subjected to the hot and cold of one trader who a whole service is built around. We got 4 traders, 4 styles but everyday we are hitting them. One of us always always has a hot hand. @urbanryno is even hotter than me the last month. That’s what you pay for and that’s what you get.


Sure there are a ton of freebie 3rd rate chatrooms where people just throw out endless babble and its basically a talk forum with a pick here and there. The boom factory is a room where you are bombarded with winner after winner. DD after DD on stocks. Twitter has an endless number of places where you can go and get “ideas”. There are wannabe traders with Fancy twitter names claiming they “chop wood” watch them. There are so called “money managers” or hedge fund guys who will Pecker Slap each other off shorting a China name for a 5% gain wooooooo wooooooooo. Only prob is they shorted a dip in the stock that we rode from 6 dollars to 10. hmm. Sounds a bit better than getting lucky on a 5% trade.


That’s what you get on twitter. People hiding behind avatar’s and fancy names calling out abstract ideas, picks with no entries, and never mentioning their losses. We are a bit diff. See that face on my avatar, that’s me. You know my name. You know Stockgods, ryno’s, coppertl’s. You know who we are, how we trade, and what we stand for. No hiding here.




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