3/23 Watchlist – stocks under $5

Here are 11 new stocks that I’ve added to my watchlist for tomorrow – these are all speculative plays under $5, so be careful and protect your profits.
NHWK – I like the increased volume interest and move through RSI14 50.  Today would have been the ideal entry, but I’ll look tomorrow for a pullback to the top of ascending triangle for possible entry.  Target 3.8.

MPEL – Possible swing long if it is able to break SMA200 on Tuesday.  I’m not interested until we see north of $5. 

EGHT – Like NHWK, Monday was the perfect entry.. Now what?  There is a second play here – It is currently testing recent highs and pushing through SMA50.  If it holds north of both, I like the swing here to 1.40.  I’ll add to position  if it gets north of 1.40.  Nice MACD positive cross today.
BQI – I received an email today asking about BQI, so here is a quick and simple chart.  Until it moves out of this horizontal channel, there isn’t a need to add.  The chart shows it could go either way – decreasing volume with topped Slow STO.  I’ll swing long above SMA50 only.
ARNA – Another email request – Notice the horizontal resistance line at 3.30 and all of the candles piercing through just to reverse.  If I jump in here, it will above 3.30 with a small position and then add to position if it moves through 3.40.  Stop will be just under 3.30 just incase it thinks about failing the move again.  I’ll post what I’m doing with this live tomorrow in the Boom Factory.
CPST – Mentioned this in the Boom Factory today – I’m in on a move through strong resistance at 1.28.

AATI – Another BF mention.  It failed to move through horizontal resistance today around 3.72. Since I’m not position yet, I’ll wait for a move above 3.72 before I swing.  4.0 next target (with a test of  SMA200 first).  Good energy here.  I’ll have a close eye on this one.

DDSS – Descending triangle.  Careful with descending triangles.  It could very easily shoot out of the bottom of the triangle and then you’re holding a falling knife. I want to trade DDSS long, so I’ll wait till it gets above the top trendline before going long.  I might scalp long above 1.52.. A swing long above 1.62… In other words, I’ll add small position at 1.52 and add more over 1.62 and hold for swing.

BLDP on swing long watch list – a move above 2.60 could open the doors.  Nice volume today.

GSS – Heavy resistance just under 3.8.  I might keep an eye on this one to see if we see a move above tomorrow. Volume strong.

ALD – Swinging long above 4.70.  Not buying before – heavy resistance.
See you in the Boom Factory tomorrow!



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