The BOOM Factory Rules & Thoughts

Rules of the Boom Factory

  • during trading hours we will keep general chatter on the BullsOnWallStreet Dynamic Stream, and outside of the BOOM Factory so we can focus on the BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMS only!
  • the primary intent of the BOOM Factory is momentum trading, day trading, 1-2 week swing trading, scalping, and income 
  • we will trade everything from investment grade to speculative stocks, but our goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible (could be as little as 1 day, or a few day swing trade)
  • we will go long and short stocks, depending on the setup
  • we will decide the entries and exits, and tweet those calls out.  
  • we will work as a team, any ideas for trades can also be discussed and shared amongst the people in the room
  • we will respect one another
  • we will also bring on options
  • we may not be able to answer questions in there, lots of things going on during the trading day, please ping us on Twitter if you need a question answered just incase we miss is.
  • we may not have time to provide detailed explanations, this is not a live trading classroom, it’s a place to share picks and it’s fast moving.



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