11/16 Recap/Tuesday Watchlist

While it looked like we might over for a quick second or stay rangebound the bulls led by their feisty leader Big Willy Bernanke took charge and gave us new recovery highs.  We gapped up this morning taking out a series of lower highs since last week, bob the bear and his wiley friends were ready to get another beat down. Bob the Bear once again has gone into hiding he fully escaped the firing squad today, meekly throwing his twin brother Samir into the line of fire while he waits in exhile plotting his return. All the indices participated today…the good part was the Russell2k was backin action nearly doubling the gains of the S&P. The risk trade might be back on now which is good to see.  We did get a slight pullback due to Wallstreets most famous ball juggler Queen Merideth Whitney trying to breakup the party via silly sobering talk of the banks returning back to book value and the chopping of consumer credit.  Listen folks Queen Merideth is not a trader she is a silly analyst.  She has no understanding of the mechanics of the market or what makes it move today. The market will pay no heed to her and her kind.  And shame on her for trying to ruin our drunken viagra fueled orgy. Sure what she is saying will come into play but just not today or tomorrow! Party on!!!!!
BOWS was completely rocking today.  how many of our damn picks just exploded. $tmi $fbp $prgn $s hellllllllllo $nep Not to mention all the momo trading going on in the boooooom Factory.  Multiple members today told me that by 12pm they had already made back their subscriptions.  Anybody see $tmi after hours.  Put it in the search box me and the socalled Cockgod oh wait @stockgod have posted at least 50x about this stock.  If your on bows everyday and you had none…you deserve to have Richard Simmons spank you for being bad……unless your into that!!
I did make a slight error last week selling off numerou holdings going to 50% cash…Boy talk about a near murder death kill of myself…That cost me some money today but it was worth it because it was apart of my risk management strategy.  I did reverse course on the $spy breakout and put some of the cash back to use.  I really got to remember that this market everytime i think it dips it runs and stays strong.  In a market like this overbought really is a sign of strenght not a necessary sign to sell. Lesson learned.
The market brokeout today. Volume was a step up which is good…We still got some room to go. If we get a pullback to the breakout spot.  You can play $sso and put a stop right under.
$cski I like this on breakout/pullback. Its overbought which needs to work itself out. Strong levels of support underneath..  A Buy in that area and this thing has a good chance to rocket back
Also like $ald $stsi $tgb and looooooooooooooooooooove $idi

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