The Bears are Girly Men

Well the market ran into a death spiral of a big honking .8%  I must admit while i watched tv this morning from my diamond studded porcelian throne I took much glee in seeing the minor meltdown in China (even though I own a host of chinese bunk names).   From watching the news you would have thought that the Chinese gave up their newfound lives of transfats, bmw’s, and hi-rise living to go back to feudal living.Our dear Chinese friends are down damn near 25% in their markets in 2weeks which is a slight cause of concern except for one fact.
I dont live in China and Im Kunal00(2facts). Think about this market for the last couple months.Every dip has been bought. Why change the gameplan till its necessary.  I got giddy thinking about all the FAZfuckers ready to bolt the country at the first sign of weakness probably to the north into the arms of a moustached mountee (not that there is anything wrong with that).
Bull/Bear these are all just silly labels. Just know this before you go to bed……that in the face of darkness Kunal00 bought stocks like a man.  For he is the defender of truth and embodies all that is good about this nation.
$etfc 1.64
$heb 2.05-Sold 1/3 at 2.21 Sold 1/3 at 2.32
$nep 4.78
Also covered my 1/2 my $snda Short 47.80 from 51.75 wooohoo wooohooo
$yrcw sold 1/3 2.56 sold 1/3 2.68 from 2.06 buy
aaaaaah but my near perfect day was ruined AGAIN by a nasty little penny stock named MESA. For now the 3rd time in 2 weeks Ive been “CORS”d.  At the closing bell I was down 10% but intraday this sad sack stock had me down 14%.  I very nearly wished amoebic dysentary on the two yokels who kept mentioning it to me(but i didnt since they are both my good friends). I wont mention any names but @gitterdnn and @forevercaroline might be the culprits!But I did not sell as I think I have found out how this stock trades so I will attemp a houdini like move tomorrow and see if it works.
In the end my ego got the best of me in MESA but as always I came ahead



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