Position update-Kunal00 moves

Been an active little morning…..This market just doesnt seem to want to give in an inch. As I search for some intelligable(if that even is a word) conversation about the markets I turn to the one brilliant man I know who will always give me the right answer.

I say to myself what are the forward catalysts to take us the next leg up?.( I will touch on this in the coming weekend) The Brown Brad Pitt replies “who the fuck cares, go buy some stocks”

So I did.  Kunal00 adds $yrcw 2.06 $ct 2.81 $free 1.74 and shorts $snda 51.70

Added in my intermediate swing account $rino 12.60 $pudz 4.30

I also sold out of my $ldk 9.30 (basically broke even. wasnt moving)

Even though this has been a  most majestic week and I have showered you numerous picks that have gone on to rocket 25-50%, I have made one eggregious error.  Today Im getting “Cors”d by TEC.  It is an evil little stock who took me too second base but never waved me home. As I sat on a 25% gain yesterday a certain evil evil canadian(who is also my best friend) whose name rymes with CockGod told me that I sell things too soon and I need to chill.  So as TEC went up 35% in 1 day I sold a small amt and kept some for the homerun.

Now Im down 11%. There is a cute little assistant here who is getting curry powder dusted into her eyes for watching this go down without saying anything.

In the end the market is not going down…..there are fat hairy men wearing large square plastic glasses in NYC controlling every aspect of our lives. They have decided that the market will keep trucking so I keep buying the dips. For now……unless I change my mind.



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