The Anatomy of a Winning Earnings Breakout Trade (DECK)

earnings breakouts in only two minutes. Yes, you heard that right. Trading takes a lifetime to master, yet you are going to learn how to trade a simple earnings breakout setup in the time it takes to butter a bagel. It’s really that easy. In today’s video, I show you how to trade earnings breakouts using a recent setup in DECK that was alerted to Bullsonwallstreet members. You will learn how to:

  1. Track earnings plays
  2. Trade a basic earnings setup
  3. Manage your risk/reward ratio
So watch, learn and let me know what you think! Remember members of the swing service get all of these trade alerts intraday in real time. This swing trading service is great for those that work and can’t monitor the computer all day. We have in-depth nightly reports on the game plan for the day/week and all stock picks that I trade will be alerted and emailed to you. Check out the Swing Service HERE Follow me, Paul Singh AKA “TheMarketSpeculator” on Twitter or email me at]]>



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