The REAL Truth About the Trader Lifestyle

trader lifestyle With social media, it is easy to give off the impression that your life is perfect, and you never have down days. It is all just a highlight show, never the reality of the life you actually live. You cannot learn about the reality of the trader lifestyle just by looking at someone’s Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube videos. Social media just captures a moment or two of someone’s day. You don’t know what’s actually going on in the other 23 hours and 59 minutes. Whatever people post, it’s mostly just noise. Today you are going to learn what life as a trader of stocks is REALLY like. No sugarcoating, No BS.

Higher Highs and Lower Lows

As a stock trader, the days where you make thousands of dollars in a few minutes are some of the best days of your whole life. I’ve had a ton of days where I’ve traded for 15 minutes and then went to the beach and played video games the rest of the day. I’ve also had days where I’ve lost money in the same amount of time. I spent the next 6 hours of the trading day trying to make it back, and then by 4 PM I was even redder. These days are pretty uncommon for me now, but back when I was starting out and not profitable or experienced, they were all too regular. You cannot get higher highs in life without risking lower lows. You cannot make anything in trading without risking money. Nothing worthwhile in life comes without risk. Having a steady, 9-5 job is easy and low risk, but it is also low reward. When you decide to become a trader, you are sacrificing a few years of your life and taking risks others are scared to take to have freedom almost no one else has for the rest of your life.

Mistakes and Being Wrong A Lot

Even when you become a consistently profitable trader, you will still occasionally make mistakes, and you will be wrong often. You will mistime entries. You will sell too soon or too late. You will hesitate on pulling the trigger and miss a move. You will give back profits. These type of mistakes will decrease in frequency as you become more competent. But they do not go away completely. The great moments of trading are as good as they look on social media. But few will ever talk about or show the red trades, account blow ups, and other failures. The highs of trading full-time are amazing, but the lows can really suck. At the beginning of your trading career, you have to go through a lot of the lows to get to the highs. Building trading consistency takes time and is not an overnight process.

Alone Time

The journey to become a profitable trader is a lonely one. Most full-time traders spend most of their days alone in front of their screens. Most of your friends and family will tell you are crazy for trying this, express constant doubts about your ability to succeed, make you feel isolated and like no one understands you. Finding mentors and a trading community can help out a ton in your journey, but at the end of the day, no one can trade and push the buttons for you. You have to be comfortable being alone a lot when you decide to begin the journey of becoming a stock trader.

REAL Freedom

Despite the lows and risks of trading, there is a ton of freedom and no ceiling on your income. All you need is some education, a computer, and wifi and you have everything you need to become a profitable trader. It’s true you can do this anywhere in the world that has wifi. We talk have talked a lot about risk vs reward in the past week. And in my opinion, the risk vs reward ratio on learning how to trade is AMAZING. Even if it takes a while, let’s say 5 years, to learn how to trade and you start late, let’s say at 50 years old, you will become profitable at 55. Even if you start this late, you will still likely have 20 years or more to be able to do this, grow your wealth, and live with true freedom! Most of our students become profitable much quicker than 5 years, but even in one of the worst case scenarios, it’s not even that bad! The risk vs reward ratio of learning how to trade get’s better the younger you start!

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