The 5 Stages of a Trader's Career

The 5 Stages of a Trading Career

How long does it take to become a consistently profitable trader in the stock market?

That is one of the most common questions we get from aspiring traders. We are going to answer that for you with this week’s blog series: The 5 Stages of  Trader’s Career.

The answer is not a set amount of time you put in. It depends on how quickly you can develop the requisite skill and discipline to consistently extract income from the markets. It all depends on how long it takes you to navigate through the 5 stages of a trading career.

Here are the 5 phases we will break down for you:

  1. The Newbie Phase
  2. The Educational Phase
  3. The Know It All Phase
  4. The Humbled/Inconsistent Phase
  5. The Consistency Phase

Becoming a profitable trader is not like becoming a doctor or lawyer. There is no certificate you receive once you pass a test that you receive that means you are officially a profitable trader. Anyone can actually make money in the stock market. Technically a 3-year old that knows how to use a computer could put on a winning trade. The hard part of trading is keeping the money you make. 

Over the next 5 days, we will do an article about each of the phases so you will know exactly what to expect during your trading journey. At the end of the series, we will do a free webinar showing you exactly how to get past whatever phase you are stuck on.

Sign up for the free webinar here.  

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post about the “Newbie Phase”.



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