Swing Watch List Update 2/2/11

The Swing Watch List is having a great week.  Even with today’s generally flat market, a lot of swings are still in play.  The market is feeling top heavy, but news and earnings are in control (with a touch of Egypt and inflation in there).  
I’ve added a new column to the Watch List, per the request of a few, with notes and thoughts.  Go check it out. You’ll see exactly how I feel about the stocks on my list.
A few swings did stop out today on market chop chop.  They included:
MON – Stop executed for break even. I like MON and expect it to have a nice year.  Watch for pullback to SMA10 for possible reentry.
MGH – Stop executed for .43% loss.. Pulled back to support range, so watch for possible bounce plays here off SMA50.
WAVX – Stop executed for .77% gain.  This is another stock you’ll want to watch at SMA50 pullback for possible reentry.
Strongest stocks still in play:
KEM up 5.37%
ATML up 7.76%
HDY up 11.33% 
KLIC up 3%
Keep an eye on the list for new stocks soon and let me know if you have any questions concerning the spreadsheet.  Also note, these stocks are based on technical indicators only.  You’ll need to confirm earnings and company events.  



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